Skincare Junkie

Sadly, I am a skincare junkie. I see a new product that will make me “look 10 years younger, get rid of my wrinkles, moisturize my skin, make it plumper, more radiant, etc.,” and all of the other promises cosmetic companies make. I try to read the ingredients, but the writing is too small, and I don’t know what most of the ingredients even are or do. I never know how much to use, and I wind up wasting a lot of expensive product and money. Then I found Skin Slipper. It looked interesting, and I could use it for applying creams, lotions, and other products. It looked different and better than other applicators I had been using.  After using it I found out it was different and much better. Other applicators absorb the product (more on the sponge then on my body). The little indention it has helps me judge how much product to use. It doesn’t get all over my fingers and hands, or worse yet under my nails, because I just slip it over a couple fingers protecting my skin, and then just wash it off.  I don’t have to use a towel to wipe my hands , and then watch some abrasive ingredient (that I didn’t even know was in the product)  stain, yellow or ruin my towels. Skin Slipper stops me from wasting money by using too much expensive product, and eliminates the mess of other applicators. Thank You!